We are storytellers by nature, visionaries in heart and tech wizards by trade.


We have the right tools

Whether you are selling a product, a vision or have a message you want to convey to your team we have the right set of tools that can make that happen.


How we do it

Our expertise lies in creating engaging and personalised content strategies for your business and our unique approach allows us to create a tailored solution that empowers you to communicate with your staff, customers and visitors in the most dynamic way.

We have all the experience you need

We are the leading digital signage service company in Ireland and work with a broad spectrum of mediums to bring your story to life.


Why people work with us

People work with us to enable them create a visually beautiful yet clear platform across their companies network to communicate and interact with staff and/or visitors.

We love what we do and working with us is fun! 


I worked with Jill and the team on a Onelan digital signage project for Lidl Ireland’s new Head office and regional locations. The service offered by Emotion Media was exemplary, both in recommending a product that would meet our needs, as well as giving us the tools and training to use this internal comms channel to its full potential.

The 4K Video Wall is focal point of our Head Office and Jill’s direction for content and design was excellent. The team went above and beyond to meet our deadlines and in their aftercare service.

Emotion Media’s expertise in this area is second to none.




Our Team

Our team is made up of a joyous and eclectic mix of individuals, each with their own unique talents, ideas and passions; but what we all have in common in Emotion Media is the drive for creativity and innovation.

Daragh Murphy  Video & Motion Graphics Producer

Daragh Murphy
Video & Motion Graphics Producer

Sara Sheridan  Multimedia Designer

Sara Sheridan
Multimedia Designer


“Number does not necessarily guarantee performance.
For I have seen a team of 8 outperform a team of 80.”

Awolumate Samuel


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