Women in Politics & Public Life 1918 – 2019

As a mostly female team, we were particularly psyched to be asked to work on a ‘pop up museum’ documenting the personal and political lives of women who helped shape our state. Working with historian Sinéad McCoole who curated the exhibition, we created a range of video, print and digital content.

The Original Cabinet Table

Originally housed in the Coach House at Dublin Castle, the exhibition included the original Cabinet Table with 19 seats placed around it representing the 19 female cabinet members of the last 100 years. A touch tablet in front of each one featured a biography of one of these incredible women and this content has subsequently been remastered to work within one large screen for the travelling exhibition.


Traveling Exhibition

Travelling with the exhibition was another part of our role as we had to make sure it would work in each new space, erecting and dismantling it as needed and then finally redesigning it to fit in its permanent new home at Head Office.