Trinity College Dublin

Trinity is one of those unique places where history and technology sit comfortably side by side. Having said that, we knew when we were asked nearly ten years ago to create a series of signage templates that we would have to be respectful of how we went about it.

Fast and Effective Communications

In collaboration with staff, we devised a central system that is still used across a large network of screens in various university buildings and campus locations and is controlled by a core team of people in one central location to enable fast, effective communications. Over the years we have worked further with individual departments to create bespoke systems to suit their specific needs, giving them control over dedicated sections of screens so that tailored local information can be managed on an ad hoc, per department basis.

As part of this unique partnership Emotion media also provides comprehensive content design and system training to equip college staff with the knowledge required to manage the signage network and content as needed.

Trinity Video wall 2.jpg