Video Wall Projects

Building reception with wide videowall and passr-by


This showcase presents a selection of projects completed in collaboration with our AV partner, Metro Solutions, based in Cork. Our primary responsibility entailed the conceptualization and implementation of custom digital signage solutions tailored for large-format LED walls.


Each project was characterized by distinct requirements stemming from the unique dimensions of the LED screens. Meticulous planning facilitated the development of highly functional media walls capable of displaying both corporate communications and customized video content.


eighty 5 South Mall stands as a prominent office development situated within Cork’s bustling Central Business District. For this project, we created conventional digital signage layouts augmented by an additional media zone designated for showcasing the logos of its tenants. Complementing this setup, we curated custom video content showcasing landscapes, natural vistas, seasonal scenery, and abstract forms, thereby enriching the ambiance of this heavily frequented location.

Quest, a leading IT company headquartered in California, entrusted us with the design and implementation of a digital signage solution for their Cork offices, utilizing the Onelan system. Our objective was to devise a dynamic system facilitating swift media updates while maximizing the potential usage of the entire screen area.

Dairygold Co-Operative Society Limited, an esteemed Irish dairy co-operative headquartered in Mitchelstown, County Cork, engaged our services for the installation of an LED wall reception screen through Metro Solutions. For this project, we devised multiple layouts accommodating video backgrounds, ensuring a visually engaging and informative display platform.