DPD depot centres


With a vast, distributed workforce of nationwide drivers and distribution centre staff, DPD needed an easy-to-use, centrally controlled content management solution to drive important messaging to the screens of their depot centres and administration offices.


At the outset of the project, 80 Onelan players were delivered to the technical team at our office. Each unit had to be configured with the relevant network settings for its respective location and pre-loaded with custom layouts, graphics and widgets. Before shipping to site, each player was labelled and packaged with a remote control and instructions for an easy, plug and play deployment, eliminating the need for site visits and reducing budget overheads for DPD.

We configured their Content Management System (CMS) to poll to independent 3rd party servers and enabled automatic content updates, retrieving depot specific data to display on their screens. We also integrated their reporting system for seamless automated content publishing of key data reports per depot.


80+ players and a CMS configured and commissioned across 37 depots. All content is managed and scheduled by the head office team. Local users use a ‘remote-on-demand’ feature to trigger the required content. The inclusion of a special remote control allows the triggering of screen layouts of specific content by the depot manager for daily briefings. This means local depot users do not need to access the back end of the system.