Kingspan a global leader in high-performance insulation solutions was launching a new state of the art innovation space and required a modern and visually impressive content and digital signage solution. Meritec, their expert audio visual integrator, contracted us to program and commission a digital signage solution for a 12 x 55″ screen video wall and a 12 x 55″ screen vertical totem.


For the 12 screen video wall each screen was mounted in a portrait orientation creating an effective resolution of 12,960 pixels wide by 1920 pixels high. To display the content at maximum resolution we recompiled the original 12k composition and exported as 3 x separate 4k files. This file was fed through 3 x individual 4k Onelan players which we then synchronised. The players were then connected to a datapath device which distributed each of the 3 files to a bank of 4 screens, providing one giant 12k canvas.


A giant super wide high definition pixel canvas available for dynamic video and graphics content.