Pope's Visit to Ireland


We were tasked by the OPW to devise a way to communicate the vast amount of information – itineraries, maps, site layouts, walking routes, travel, and traffic info, contact numbers and location of services like medical and transport – among the 6,000 volunteers working at the various events during 2018’s Papal Visit.


An app was the obvious solution but as it was a one-off event, the budget could not be justified. We also considered printed booklets but, aside from the environmental impact of so much paper, we dismissed the idea because print wouldn’t allow for the inevitable last minute changes that would arise.


We decided on an interactive PDF. Simple, yet effective. Much cheaper than an app and more environmentally friendly than printed booklets. This PDF was sent to volunteers to upload to their smartphones on the day of the event, therefore no WIFI access was necessary.

We also designed and delivered content for information screens for the various stakeholders, volunteers and visitors involved in the events as well as training the OPW staff on how to change the content. The information screens were placed in the Printworks in Dublin Castle for the press office and at Phoenix Park for visitors and volunteers.