Altify - Formerly The Tas Group

Altify are the global leaders in Sales Transformations Platforms. Emotion media were their chosen partner for various digital media content projects, ranging from the creation of bespoke media for their Dreamforce Sales Force booth in San Francisco to the creation of a product video and social media campaign graphics for the launch of one of their best selling products.



Product Launch


Bespoke Video Production

Emotion media created a product video for Altify's "Sales Performance Manager" software solution. We filmed on location in Amsterdam in order to interview one of Altify's key customers for a customer testimonial.

We worked closely with Altify's technical team in order to truly understand the features of the software so that we can best illustrate these features in the video. 



Social Media Campaign

For the launch of Sales Performance Manager we created a series of social media campaign graphics that were used across multiple social media sites.